Invisible braces are one of the newer additions to the teeth alignment treatment industry. They are a great alternative to the more common metal braces, and by finding out why that is the case, you can make an informed decision regarding if invisible braces are worth the investment. Are you interested in getting invisible braces in order to improve the quality of your smile? Then consider the following advantages of invisible braces:

  • Length of treatment: for some people who undergo metal braces treatment, it can take as long as 5 years in order for the treatment to achieve the desired result. On the other hand, with invisible braces, you might only need to wear them for a year to get the same result. This significantly shorter treatment duration can also reduce costs associated with maintenance. However, the upfront cost of invisible braces is typically higher than that of metal braces.
  • Mouth safety: the material that invisible braces are made from is soft and smooth, which means it won't cause any harm within your mouth. When it comes to metal braces this is not the case. That's because there are wires and metal edges that can cause scratching and discomfort to the inside of your mouth. Furthermore, in the event that a wire or bracket becomes loose, it can lead to serious discomfort until you get to the dentist in order to have the braces repaired.
  • Comfort: invisible braces can typically be removed whenever you want. This means that if they become uncomfortable, or you wish to eat food without them, then you can do so. Metal braces are permanently fixed to your mouth in most cases, and that means at times of discomfort you simply have to take the pain. Metal braces can also be quite painful after you go to the dentist for a checkup. That's because the dentist will tighten the brace in order to promote alignment of the teeth. As a result, with metal braces, you can find yourself having to eat a soft food diet relatively often.
  • Appearance: one of the main attractions of invisible braces is that people will not know you have braces on until you mention it. This means the quality of your smile will not be altered, and you won't feel awkward in social situations. On the other hand, those who wear metal braces feel that it decreases the quality of their smile.