Flossing teeth before brushing them is something that many people do not do as part of their oral hygiene routine. However, flossing, when used in conjunction with brushing and a good quality mouthwash, plays a significant role in reducing the build up of substances that can cause more serious conditions to develop. Look at some reasons why flossing should be a part of a proper oral hygiene routine.

Actively Prevents Build Up Of Tartar

Tartar is the end result of a build up of plaque that is located at the gum line of the mouth. The plaque, if left undisturbed for long enough, will harden into tartar. This substance cannot be  removed at home; a dentist can use a special tool to remove it. But, you can help prevent tartar develop in the first place by flossing your teeth. As you move the floss into the space at the top of your tooth and your gum, you will help to break down and remove any plaque there before it has a chance to harden fully into tartar.

Prevents Gingivitis

Gingivitis is one of the most, if not the most, common oral problems suffered by adults. Gingivitis is a condition that affects the gums and is a process that takes a good while to develop. If you are not removing the plaque from the base of your teeth on a regular basis, tartar can form there. As this slowly builds up over time, it puts pressure on the gums, and they can begin to bleed when the teeth are cleaned. Flossing plays a big part in preventing gingivitis; the potential tartar is continually removed when flossing. Flossing at the base of your teeth will help prevent gingivitis.

Important Base Step

Try to add flossing into your oral hygiene routine. When done in combination with brushing and mouthwash, it is a very effective way to really clean your teeth, as well as the gaps and base areas of the teeth. Mouthwash will kill the bacteria between the teeth, but won't remove the plaque. Each of the three steps work together to clean your mouth properly. When flossing, remember to use a rubbing motion rather than a sawing movement. If you catch your gum when using a sawing motion, you could open it up and be at risk of a potential infection.

Show your kids how to floss; if they are young they may need a little help, as it needs a degree of dexterity and coordination to be performed properly. Children will benefit from flossing as they grow older. For more information, contact a business such as Aaron Pivotal Point Dental.