Smiling is a simple, but delightful gesture that will, in most cases, show others that you are feeling happy, excited or content about something. Sadly, not all people enjoy the privilege of attracting and radiating positive vibes around them through their smiles due to defects like discolored or stained teeth. If you fall in this category of people, there is no reason to sulk about your condition any more. With teeth whitening procedures, a cosmetic dentist like Hopkins Street Dental can help restore the natural color of your teeth and give you that beautiful smile you have been hiding for all to see.

Many of today's cosmetic dentists can provide both in-the-office and take-home treatment options for patients who need teeth whitening. Although both treatment options are considered to be effective, here are some points to explain why it is best for you to opt for in-office whitening of your teeth:

It is much safer.

When you book an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to have a teeth whitening procedure performed, you won't have to worry about forgetting any part of the application process as is the case in at-home treatment where you have to do everything on your own. Although the at-home teeth whitening treatment option is usually supervised by a cosmetic dentist, it is not unusual to hear of patients who have exacerbated their problems by going about the procedure wrongly. Let's face it: People, especially amateurs, can easily forget!

At the dentist's office, you will be simply asked to sit and relax on the chair as the dentist applies whitening gel and other various cleaning agents to help get rid of those unsightly spots on your front teeth or restore the white color of your darkened teeth. Leaving all the work to a professional makes the treatment much safer.

It delivers faster results.

Even though at-home whitening is also effective, teeth whitening procedures carried out at the dental clinic often produces the most drastic results. The cosmetic dentist will apply whitening gel with a much higher concentration of aqueous peroxide, allowing you to obtain better results almost instantly! During the short time that you will spend in the office, the gel will quickly tear down the bonds that are holding together stained molecules, leaving you with a brighter smile. At the dental clinic, your cosmetic dentist can use laser equipment to provide optimal results. The high-power light produced by the equipment will catalyze activation of the gel, allowing it to clean your teeth more thoroughly and quickly.