When you're a child, losing a tooth is usually associated with a pleasing visit from the tooth fairy, but losing your tooth as an adult can be incredibly traumatising because you associate a full set of teeth with a well-groomed appearance. If you find yourself dealing with the stressful situation of losing a tooth, follow these immediate actionable steps before visiting the dentist.

Handle The Broken Tooth With Care

If your tooth has been knocked out, you must handle it with extreme care to protect it before you reach the dentist. You'll want to grab the tooth by the crown instead of the root to prevent vital tissue from getting damaged. The crown is the smooth white part of the tooth. If the tooth's tissue is damaged, then your dentist is likely to have a harder time trying to restore it. Preserve the tooth by placing it in some saliva, milk or in a saline solution. This will help to protect the roots from further damage. Avoid placing the tooth in water because it will not protect the tissue of your tooth. If the root of the tooth has dirt, gently rinse it in a saline solution or milk. Do not scrub it too hard, as you will end up damaging the root.

Try To Supplant Your Tooth Before You Reach The Dentist

While this sounds strange, you should try to place the broken tooth in the socket after sterilising. This keeps the root healthy and makes it easier for the dentist to replant it into the socket. Once you place the tooth in the socket using light pressure, gently bite down on a washcloth, handkerchief or gauze, but don't force the tooth if it doesn't fit. The dentist will then fit it back and will allow the tooth to reattach to the root.  

Visit Your Dentist Immediately

A dentist may need to use dental lasers for re-implanting teeth into the sockets, but this process can only be undertaken if you react quickly and handle your teeth with care. Waiting too long to get to a dentist or applying some home remedies on your own will cause irreparable damage to your broken tooth. This will make it practically impossible for your dentist to implant the tooth and an infection can occur in the socket. Reacting quickly will make it easier for the dentist to save and re-implant your tooth.

If you lose or break a tooth, don't panic –– simply follow these actionable steps, so that your dentist can replant it as soon as possible.