If you are missing all of your teeth, you likely wear traditional dentures. While these provide you a good way to replace the teeth and eat many of the foods you enjoy, there are some definite disadvantages. You have another option, which is to get full-mouth dental implants. These implants are installed into your jawbone on the upper and lower jaw, after which you have new custom-made dentures that lock into the implants. These are removable, but they don't shift around and look much more natural. Here are some different reasons to choose full-mouth dental implants for your dentures.

They Look and Function Like Natural Teeth

A major benefit to getting these types of implant-supported dentures is because they will look and function more like natural teeth. When the dentures just sit over your gums and palate, they have a tendency to move around when you talk, laugh, or eat. This is not only frustrating since you have to keep adjusting them, but it can also be embarrassing. You will suddenly regain your confidence when you have dentures that lock into place with the help of dental implants. The denture does not move or come out into you take it out manually. You can eat a wider variety of foods and no longer have the worry of your teeth looking obviously like they are dentures.

The Implant Dentures Improve Your Facial Structure

Another reason to choose these types of dentures is that they can help improve your appearance. When you are missing all of your teeth, it affects how your facial structure looks even when your mouth is closed. Your cheeks will look sunken in and the overall balance of your facial structure is affected. Even with regular dentures, it can still look different than when you had natural teeth. However, you can restore this balance to your face and improve your appearance by getting full-mouth implants for implant-supported dentures. Take a look at some before and after photos of people with traditional dentures versus these and you will instantly notice a difference.

You Can Retain More Jaw Bone

When your teeth fall out, the jaw bone underneath where the teeth were can start to deteriorate. While this will still happen regardless of what types of dentures you have, you reduce the severity of it with implants. Full-mouth implants use several implants on the top and bottom jaw, which is not only restoring the bone in those areas, but with the surrounding bone as well. You can slow down the deterioration process and further improve your oral health.