Crooked teeth can really damage your confidence. If you have misaligned teeth, you might be wondering about the treatment options available to you. Below is a list of dental procedures which can help to straighten your teeth, fix your smile and restore and boost your confidence.

Orthodontic Treatment

Braces are a common way of manipulating teeth into the correct position. While traditional braces are made of metal, there are now a range of other options to choose from. White ceramic braces are designed to closely match the colour of your teeth, which makes them far less noticeable when compared to metal braces. However, they are fragile so increased care is needed to prevent cracking or damage. Invisible braces are also becoming increasingly popular. An invisible brace consists of a clear dental tray which fits perfectly over your teeth.

Bonding Treatment

If you are suffering from a mild misalignment of your teeth or if you have gaps between your teeth, your dentist may recommend bonding treatment. Your dentist will use a resin which is the same colour as your teeth to fill the gap between your teeth, creating the impression that they are perfectly aligned. A UV light is then used to harden the material before it is polished and smoothed to create a natural look when you smile.


Another treatment option for minor tooth misalignment issues is dental veneers. A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain which covers the front surface of your tooth to improve the look of your teeth and correct your smile. Your dentist will be able to file down any misaligned teeth before applying the veneers to ensure that the veneers match the rest of your teeth in colour and position, helping to create the perfect smile.


Dental crowns consist of a ceramic or gold cap which is placed over the tooth. While not the first line of treatment normally chosen by your dentist, dental crowns can be a very effective if you have other problems with your dental health alongside misaligned teeth. For example, if you require root canal treatment on a misaligned tooth, a crown can help to reinforce the tooth after treatment and will also correct any misalignment.

If you have any further questions about treatment options for your misaligned teeth, you should book an appointment with your dentist who will be able to assess your dental health and recommend the best course of treatment.