Although wearing braces can be necessary in order to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth, you can feel very self-conscious at first, as if everyone's just staring at your braces!  Although Invisalign braces are specially designed to be very discreet and barely noticeable, you might still appreciate some top tips on how to make them completely invisible.

Hollywood smile

Even well-designed and conceived braces like Invisalign can become a food trap, drawing unwanted attention to your teeth.  Combat this by making sure that you brush your teeth after every meal; use a good antibacterial mouthwash to get rid of any bits of trapped food, and floss religiously too. 

Choose a good quality whitening toothpaste to keep your smile as bright as you can, and keep up with regular visits to a dentist for routine check-ups so that your teeth are in tiptop condition when the braces finally come off.

Pucker up!

Although you might want to draw attention away from your mouth, your lips are one of your most expressive and attractive features.  Be bold; highlight your pout with a dash of lip gloss or lipstick and smile! 

Spot the difference

Blemishes and spots on your face don't look good at the best of times, and can also draw attention to your braces.  Keep your complexion clear and glowing by adopting a good daily skincare routine. 

Use an antibacterial cleanser night and morning to get rid of any spot-causing bacteria that might be lurking on your skin; remove your makeup thoroughly before you go to bed and apply skin food or night cream.  Tackle stubborn spots with a good proprietary antibacterial spot cream or use Witch Hazel to help dry them out before applying an illuminating day cream or skin serum before you put on your makeup.

Make up

Apply a complexion-smoothing foundation or tinted moisturiser and dust on a fine, translucent powder to give your skin an even tone.  Finish with a light application of blusher to highlight your cheekbones. 

Subtle makeup not only gives you a healthy, radiant glow, it also distracts attention from your braces and can even make your teeth look whiter.

The eyes have it

Just like your lips your eyes are one of the most attractive features of your face.  Make the most of your peepers by enhancing them with subtle shadow, smoky eyeliner and false lashes.  This three-dimensional, stunning look will balance the effect of your braces and draw people's eyes away from them.

Good hair day

Don't give your braces centre stage by habitually wearing your hair up or pinned back from your face. 

Why not make your hair the focal point of your look and wear it down?  Have a chat with your stylist about a totally new cut or perhaps try a new colour or pretty highlights.  Both these tactics will help to distract people from focusing on your braces which could easily happen if your crowning glory is hidden and drawn back away from your face.

In conclusion

Wearing braces for six months in order to straighten your teeth doesn't mean that you have to hide away in embarrassment!  If you follow these simple tips to look gorgeous, people won't even notice your braces.  Be confident and smile!