At the early stages, periodontal disease usually manifests itself as gum disease. Unfortunately, many patients do not pay enough attention to the early warning signs of gum disease until they find themselves dealing with the advanced stages of the disease (periodontal disease). When someone catches the periodontal disease, the bacteria that attacked their gums now embark on causing harm to the jawbone on which teeth are anchored. As the jawbone erodes due to the disease, teeth become loose, and then get lost. Therefore, it is highly important that you become well-versed with the early tell-tale signs of the gum diseases so you can see a periodontist to treat the problem before it can exacerbate and turn into the dreaded periodontal disease.

Bleeding gums

If blood comes out of your gums when you brush or floss your teeth, do not ignore the issue. Sadly, many people experiencing this problem think that it is normal. Bleeding gums are often a sign your gums have been weakened by bacteria, and they that can't even bear up to the gentle action of brushing or flossing. Your gums can also start bleeding when you are eating, making it impossible for you to savour a nice meal. Whatever the case, make sure to book an appointment with your periodontist when you notice that your gums are persistently bleeding, be it painfully or painlessly.

Bad breath

Having bad breath is a problem that can make you avoid engaging in conversations you would love (or need) to be part of. Imagine speaking to someone who constantly covers their nose with their hands to avoid the bad smell coming from your mouth. Being on the receiving end of such a situation can be very humiliating. Chewing mint gums may temporarily solve the problem, but it is not a habit you should practise regularly as it can cause jaw muscle deformities. The best option would be to visit a periodontist so they can check your gums. Chances are high that you could be suffering from the gum disease whose effects can be reversed if treated in good time.

Receding gums

If your teeth seem longer than usual, it could be that your gums are retracting from the teeth, and this can loosen the teeth. If the retraction continues to happen, you can easily lose your natural teeth. Hence, be sure to pay a visit to your periodontist immediately upon noticing that your teeth look a bit longer than before.