If your teeth are crooked, yellow, undersized, oversized, or otherwise just plain unattractive, you may put off visiting a cosmetic dentist simply because you assume treatment will be time-consuming, painful, and expensive. In truth, a cosmetic dentist may have more options for straightening or otherwise fixing your teeth than you realize. These treatments may also be more affordable than you know, so that even if insurance doesn't cover treatment, you may still be able to have a dazzling, pearly smile. Note some of those treatments here so you can discuss your options with a cosmetic dentist no matter the problems with your teeth. 

1. Laser treatments

Lasers can treat a number of problems with your teeth, painlessly and quickly. This can include cutting down oversized teeth and reshaping them, so they look more natural and in line with other teeth. Lasers can also cut away oversized gums so they don't look as noticeable when you smile and trim down teeth that are crooked so they can look aligned, even though they're simply smaller.

2. Painting

Don't worry about harsh bleach treatments for very yellowed teeth, as a dentist can simply paint your teeth. This can give them a white colour that still looks very natural, and which might protect the tooth surface from future damage and decay.

In some cases, painting may also make undersized teeth look larger and more attractive. If teeth are undersized, a coat of whiter and brighter paint can make them more noticeable so that they seem larger, and so your smile is more attractive overall.

3. Bonding

Bonding is a putty-like substance that is dabbed onto teeth and then dries and hardens. This can be put over cavities that you may have in the front of the tooth that might form because of eating acidic foods. Bonding can also cover over chips in a tooth or may rebuild a smaller tooth. It can also be used on the front of a tooth that sits back from the rest of the teeth, making it look properly aligned with the other teeth.

4. Gum graft surgery

If your gum lines are receded so that your teeth look too large and the gums seem too small, a cosmetic dentist can remove a bit of gum from an area of the mouth that isn't visible, and then graft this onto the gums in the front of the mouth. This can make the teeth seem appropriately sized and make the gums seem larger and also more proportionate to your teeth as well.