While there is not really any ideal place to be when facing a dental emergency, it can be less than ideal when it occurs in the wilderness. If you should be camping or hiking and be faced with a dental emergency, there are a few provisions you might have on hand that can decrease the severity of the situation. Naturally, these measures are only a stopgap, and you should still seek dental assistance at a place like Dentists @ Muswellbrook Pty Ltd as soon as you can. But what can you do when a dental emergency strikes when you're out and about in the great outdoors?

Find the Tooth

If a tooth has been knocked out, you will need to locate it immediately. Reinsertion can be possible if you get to a dentist soon enough (and this means as soon as is humanly possible). Rinse the tooth off using clean water to remove any dirt or debris.

Store the Tooth

If you're camping, did you happen to bring any UHT milk with you? The protein in the milk regulates the still-living cells in the teeth without causing them to absorb any liquid and swell up (as can be the case with water). Place the tooth in a small, clean container (such as a jar), cover it with the UHT milk and get ready to transport it (along with the patient) for emergency dental treatment.

Stop the Bleeding

But what about if the site of the accident is bleeding profusely? Gently biting down on sterile gauze can help to stem the flow of the blood, but you might not necessarily have any of this at hand. The patient can instead gently bite down on a moistened tea bag applied to the site of the damage in their mouth. The tea bag will soak up any blood, and the tannic acid in the tea can help a clot to form.

Find Help

Once the initial trauma has been dealt with, you will need to seek immediate dental treatment. If you have mobile phone coverage that allows for a data connection, search for the nearest emergency dentist in the area. If in an isolated location, with coverage that only allows for voice calls and messaging, call a friend or family member with an internet connection and ask them to source the information for you. If this is not possible, you will need to retrace your steps back towards your vehicle until your phone has coverage. Make your way to the emergency dentist immediately.

A dental emergency is not a pleasant experience no matter where you might be. If it was to happen in the great outdoors, hopefully you will have the necessary provisions to minimise the impact of the problem before getting to a dentist.