Dentures are the answer to a number of dental problems. Whether you are dealing with a dental abnormality or you have lost too many teeth to decay, dentures give you back the confidence to smile. But in the early days after having a new set of dentures fitted, you may lose your confidence to talk. If you are someone who is due to receive their new dentures shortly, here are three tips to help you talk with confidence in no time at all.

Be Mentally Prepared for the Difference

If you are mentally prepared for a body change to occur, then you don't spend precious time trying to deal with the shock of it when it does happen. When it comes to wearing dentures, there is a simple reason why your speech will sound different for a little while after they are fitted, and that is that dentures move.

Although the denture is made to match the shape of your mouth, there is still small movement because it is not cemented into your mouth like your natural teeth were. This small movement means you will struggle at first with some letters. Be mentally ready to tackle the issue, and you'll be past the first hurdle.

Bite First Before Speaking

In order to minimize the amount of movement that takes place when you speak, bite down on your dentures first before you start to talk. When you gently bite down onto the denture before you start to speak, you set the denture into place so that it does not move as you form your first words. Swallow after biting down on the denture to get rid of any excess saliva in your mouth that may set the denture free.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

The main letters you are going to have an issue with are 'F' and 'S', and this is because the muscles in your mouth are used to being in a certain position against your natural jawline when you enunciate words containing these letters. However, your jawline has changed, albeit only slightly, because there are now dentures where your natural teeth once were. The muscles in your mouth now need to learn how to work with the dentures. Practice repeating lots of words with these letters in them so that you can retrain your muscles.

With time, patience and practice, speaking naturally wearing dentures will become easier every day you wear them. Speak to your denture supplier if you have any further concerns about your new speech patterns.