If you run a private dental clinic, then you already know that you need to provide unrivalled service delivery to your clients to stay ahead of the competition. Not only will excellent services help you turn the practice into a household name, but it will also improve your bottom-line. However, you need to know what will make your practice to stand out from the competition because using everyday dental products and tools is not enough. This article highlights a few tools of the trade that are currently hitting the market, and which will improve the quality of service delivery in your private dental practice.

Dental Numbing Cream -- Patients with very sensitive gums dread the scale and clean procedure. Although you can inject local anesthesia to the patient's gums, the drug might take too long to wear out for a short scale and clean procedure. A dental numbing cream works well for this kind of process and on patients with highly sensitive gums. The runny characteristic of the cream makes it easy to apply with an applicator. Once you use the cream, the patient's gums will remain numb for approximately 30 minutes, after which the drug's effect will start to wear off. Since scale and clean procedures last for about 30 minutes, you don't have to worry about oral numbing wearing off too early.

Flowable Composite Dental Dam -- While dental dams are functional, they can be a nuisance for dentists especially if you have to keep adjusting the position of the dams. Therefore, if you have traditionally used dental dams to isolate the operative site from the rest of the mouth, then it is time for an upgrade. A flowable composite dental dam offers the perfect replacement to traditional dental dams. 

It is an excellent flexible barrier for a different dental procedure because dentists don't have to do much to keep the dam in position. Additionally, the type of dental dam does a great job at protecting the gingiva during painful procedures such as bleaching, air abrasion and sandblasting. Moreover, it is applied with a syringe thereby ensuring precise application.

Automated Periotome -- During tooth extraction, preserving the bone plate is critical. However, it is nearly impossible with traditional tooth extraction methods because current manual periotomes are invasive and dig into the jaw bone to extract the root. An automated periotome eliminates the challenge by mobilising the tooth and gently fracturing the roots. Once the tooth is loose enough, a dentist uses the periotome to search for a pivot point to raise the fractured root for easy extraction. Therefore, you can preserve bone integrity thereby eliminating the need for reconstruction.

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