So you finally went ahead and had some tooth whitening done. Now you can just live your life, smiling at everyone you meet and dazzling them with the whiteness of your teeth, and that's that, right? Well, not entirely. Professional whitening treatments can yield noticeable and immediate results, but these results are not permanent. Do you know how to maintain the whiteness of your teeth for as long as humanly possible?


Red wine, coffee and dark juices (such as grape and berry) will slowly, yet steadily, cause your teeth to revert to their pre-whitened shade. Drink with a straw so the beverage doesn't touch your teeth. Obviously a hot beverage is going to cause a plastic straw to melt, and single-use plastic straws aren't the best news for the environment (and have been banned in some places accordingly). Get yourself a stainless steel straw and rinse it between uses. 


Smoking is also going to cause your teeth to rapidly use their dazzle. In a perfect world, you would use your newly whitened smile as an opportunity to quit smoking. In an imperfect world, you can try transitioning to vaping. Choose a vaping liquid without colouring or tar, as this allows you to get your nicotine fix without discolouring your teeth

The Dentist

Even by taking the necessary precautions to prolong the effect for as long as possible, teeth whitening doesn't last forever. How often do you actually go to the dentist? Twice a year is the general rule of thumb, and this can be an easy and rather logical time to have your whitening touched up. The only real complication is if you should need to have any dental restoration work done (such as fillings or dental bonding) that might need to settle before whitening can take place. 


While you're at the dentist, ask them about whitening toothpaste. Obviously, you can get this anywhere toothpaste is sold, but you should ask about the best way to use it in your specific case. While the manufacturer might claim that their product can be used daily, it can be somewhat abrasive, causing damage to your dental enamel. Depending on the state of your enamel, your dentist might suggest that you use a whitening toothpaste every second day, or on a certain number of days each week. It's best to get professional advice that will keep your smile white without actually damaging it. 

With a few basic changes to your habits, your smile will stay whiter for longer.