Denture relining is a process that involves replacing the base of a set of dentures to improve their longevity, fit, and comfort. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider a denture reline soon.

1. More Confidence

Dentures that are constantly slipping can negatively affect your confidence. Eating and speaking in public can both become a nightmare when your dentures keep slipping out of place. To an extent, you might be able to get by using denture adhesive, but this is not a permanent solution. A denture reline can help your dentures to fit well again. That means you can eat, talk, and laugh with your friends without worrying about your dentures slipping out of place.

2. Greater Comfort

Dentures that fit poorly typically feel very uncomfortable to wear. They can even cause oral injuries such as abrasions, cuts, or ulcers. Protect yourself from these irritating problems by getting your dentures relined to improve the way they fit. Many oral injuries take a long time to heal due to the way we constantly use our mouths, so you could save yourself months of discomfort.

3. Healthier Teeth and Gums

Many people do not realise that poorly fitting dentures can pose a risk to their overall oral health. When your dentures are loose, it is common for small pieces of food to become trapped underneath them, leading to a growth in oral bacteria and therefore a higher risk of gum disease. Trapped pieces of food can also lead to bad breath. Schedule an appointment to reline your dentures to avoid these small annoyances. 

4. Longer Denture Lifespan

Dentures that fit poorly not only put a strain on your gums and mouth — they are also at a much higher risk of breaking. As you chew with loose dentures, forces transmit through them in ways that the dentures were never designed to withstand. As a result, the dentures are more likely to break while you are eating.

By increasing the lifespan of your dentures, a simple and quick reline process could save you money in the long run. Replacing or repairing dentures that have broken can be costly, whereas a reline is usually a relatively inexpensive process. If you have noticed that your dentures no longer fit as perfectly as they used to, get in touch with clinics like Logan City Denture Centre to find out if a denture reline is the right solution for you.