The orthodontic and oral care industry in Australia continues to grow, thanks to advancements in dental technology and the increased demand for services. Watching industry trends is no longer a luxury but mandatory for private practitioners. Trends in dentistry allow you to strategically position your clinic and meet the emerging needs of your patients. However, with various trends emerging every few months, keeping up can be a problem, especially if you are a busy dentist. This article narrows down the top trends that will significantly impact the orthodontic and oral care industry in 2022.

Direct-to-Consumer Aligner Kits — Traditionally, patients must visit an orthodontist for aligners. Such appointments allow a dentist to take impressions of a patient's teeth and make a replica mould. However, the visits will no longer be necessary for patients to receive care. Today, consumers are all for convenience and the ability to take impressions at home and receive an aligner within the shortest time possible. Direct-to-consumer aligner kits are quickly gaining popularity among consumers due to their convenience. Notably, a patient must take an impression of their teeth by following specific instructions and sending it to the orthodontist. An orthodontist then mails the aligners once they are ready, and the best part is that oversight can be done virtually.

More Teeth Whitening Products — Although teeth whitening is nothing new, dentists should expect more products in the area. It is because teeth whitening is the most popular procedure dentists perform, and constant social media visibility has only emphasised whitening treatments. In fact, the focus is expected to be on at-home teeth whitening products that are safe and effective. For instance, most at-home gels do not have high levels of hydrogen peroxide; hence, their effect is often slow and gradual. In this regard, a new fast-acting at-home whitening gel has been developed, boasting better bleaching properties than standard kits. Besides, it is safer than in-office products. As a result, the product will be a hit with consumers who prefer to whiten their teeth at home.

New LED Treatments for Oral Therapy — Besides teeth whitening, gum aesthetics has emerged as another focus area for dentists. Some people think their gums are too pale, irregular, too high or too low. Moreover, others have sensitive gums, and brushing is not an option, even with a soft toothbrush. New LED treatments are proving to be an effective solution for maintaining gum health and improving gum function. The red and infrared light in the LED devices increases blood circulation in the gums and improves their appearance. Moreover, LED devices can reduce the discomfort associated with new aligners.

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