If you would like to enhance your smile, consult a cosmetic dentist for advice and treatment. In general, a beautiful smile inspires confidence and conveys good intentions in personal and professional settings. However, many people struggle with the appearance of their teeth, perhaps leading to lower esteem. A cosmetic dentist will examine you and give a professional opinion on how to best improve your teeth and smile. The goal of expert consultation is to ensure that dental features promote good facial harmony. If you are worried about taking the first step in cosmetic dentistry, here are simple guidelines to help you understand the options for a better smile.  

Repair Damaged Teeth

Dental damage is not uncommon, especially for individuals with an active lifestyle. Teeth are strong, but they will break under stress or during impact. A cracked, chipped or missing tooth can ruin a smile and make a person lose their confidence. If this is your concern, you can plan for repair, depending on the severity of the damage. A small crack or chip is easily resolved using dental bonding techniques. This process uses specialised resin to fill out the damaged area. If part of the tooth is missing, your cosmetic dentist can create a crown for your tooth. The unit will sit on top of the remaining part of the tooth, restoring the perfect appearance. If the tooth is missing or needs to be extracted, understand your replacement options. The best modern technology is the insertion of a dental implant. Once the implant heals, you can use a dental crown or dentures to replace the tooth for a natural look.

Manage Malocclusion

Most people do not have perfectly aligned teeth, and their smiles are appealing because of the slight asymmetry. However, if your teeth are significantly crooked or the bite is unnatural, you should discuss malocclusion treatment with your cosmetic dentist. In severe cases, metal or ceramic braces will provide the best chance of creating a perfect smile. However, if you would like a subtler treatment approach, inquire about clear aligners.

Consider Whitening

Teeth colour is a significant concern for most people because it determines the superficial appeal of a smile. Keep in mind that natural teeth should not be perfectly white. Therefore, avoid home bleaching and whitening kits because they could damage teeth and create an unnatural look. If you would like to brighten your smile, consider in-office dental cleaning and whitening. If your teeth are permanently stained, inquire about veneers for a transformative experience. 

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